Our Campus

The First UMC campus is comprised of 6 buildings: Bell Hall, Epworth Hall, Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall and Chapel, Selle Hall, and our Scout Hut. The church's main buildings are Bell Hall, Epworth Hall, our Sanctuary, and the Fellowship Hall and Chapel which are connected by breezeways. Selle Hall and the Scout Hut are used solely by the Helping Hands Clinic and our Scout troops, respectively.
Bell Hall
Bell Hall was built in 1956 as classrooms for the our church and to replace two existing wooden classroom buildings at the same location. This building currently houses our staff offices along with the FUMPers preschool, our Bethany Room, and the Community Outreach Ministry. During the week, you will need to come to the side door of Bell Hall for access to the campus.

Epworth Hall
East Florida Seminary built this red brick building in 1883 and used it as an administration building until 1905 when it was became part of the University of Florida until the campus. The building became part of our church campus in 1911. Currently, the first floor of Epworth contains our Sunday Nursery and children's Sunday School rooms, our Parlor meeting room, our Conference Room, and the Helping Hands clothes closets. The second floor is used by our crafting group and our hand bell groups.

Our Gothic-style Sanctuary was built in 1942 and was renovated in 2007 to add a new facade of pipes for our Möller Opus 7055 organ. We are anticipating completion of an antiphonal expansion for the organ in 2020.

Fellowship Hall
The Fellowship Hall was our original brick church built in 1886 and in 1942, was converted into the current Fellowship Hall and Christian Worker's Chapel. The Fellowship Hall was again renovated in 2012.

Originally part of the original brick church built in 1886, our Chapel was created in 1942 and named the Christian Worker's Chapel when our current sanctuary was built. In 1988, the Chapel was upgraded with a 1965 Möller-Artiste Opus 10112 organ.